By: Robert Kaay

Previous owners hire Intellectual Property Lawyers to attack me!

I bought the domain name last week from an aftermarket drop-catching platform.

It is a generic dictionary-word domain name.

The previous owners have just hired an Intellectual Property Attorney to attack and bully me into handing the name over for free.

I don't think they know me too well. That won't be happening.

What sort of a message does this send? To not be bothered reading your "renew now!" messages for 30 days, then losing your name, then hiring an attorney to send a bully-letter to get your name back for free?

There's more to this story, including the accusation by the previous owner that they paid the renewal fee on the 27th day it was in Pending Delete mode, and the Registrar made an error, so the name wasn't renewed.

Perhaps if they had come to me with this story from the beginning, something could have been arranged and agreed upon. Instead of heading straight into the aggressive legal-route!

Story developing, but for now, how do you think this is going to work out?!

Published: Tue, 19th Dec 2017 12:33
Author: Robert Kaay


Alan Gladman
21 Dec 2017 08:31
Hi Rob
I think they may have their work cut out for them, let us know how it goes we are all interested

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