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perthwindowcleaning.com.au $3,850 DBR 4 May 18
lifeblood.com.au $24,200 DBR 22 Mar 18
wingate.com.au $5,500 DBR 16 Nov 17
urban.com.au $63,250 DBR 2 Nov 17
autopay.com.au $16,500 DBR 1 Nov 17
sumo.com.au $63,250 DBR 1 Aug 17
fetch.com.au $132,000 DBR 21 Mar 17
pd.com.au $42,000 DBR 1 Mar 17


.AU Submissions DUE TODAY. If you don't want to be blindsided by Direct .AU Registration rules, you need to submit your opinion.

2 Mar 2018
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I have just been served a Demand Letter to hand over Came.com.au to the previous owner by an Intellectual Property Firm!

19 Dec 2017
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auDA appears to have fallen off the train tracks a long time ago, and today, fell off the side of a cliff.

17 Apr 2018
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