What is NameBid?

NameBid is Australian's first "proper" domain name aftermarket auction platform. 

Think of NameBid as the "eBay of Australian Domain Names" where you can sell, bid and watch the absolute best Australian domain names.

Other than that, we're a thriving domain name industry community. One you register, you can login and add your own NEWS ARTICLES. Instead of a dated forum-type website, you simply post a new NEWS ARTICLE and people in the community can comment at the bottom of it.

How good are the domain names auctioned on our aftermarket platform?

They're simply the best.

We have exclusively consolidated Australia's largest-ever inventory of premium domain names in one place. Professional domain name investors, domainers, and company-owned domain name asset portfolios have been sourced and added to this platform available for you to own for a realistic price for the first time ever.

NameBid is the only provider with exclusive access to every name you see on this platform. Any name you see on NameBid, you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Whether you seek domain names for powerful branding of your existing business, portfolio investment or development purposes, NameBid is Australia's first trusted "filter" platform of domain name auctioning.

NameBid is an impartial Australian domain name aftermarket platform.

We want sellers of Australian domain names to receive the amount of money they deserve for their amazing names.

We want buyers of Australian domain names to pay realistic market prices for the first time ever.

And to achieve this we are the first domain name auctioning platform ever to have a team of professional domain name brokers "filtering" realistic prices for domain names. The brokers at DBR.com.au will be offering their services to ensure pricing stays realistic.

When is the NameBid Aftermarket Platform launching?

NameBid.com.au will launch in January 2018.

For now, enjoy the latest Australian domain name feature articles, internet and domain name news, and events that relate to all things domain names.

Please REGISTER NOW so we can keep you up to date with everything NameBid. You'll also soon be able to start adding your domain names for sale, and their reserve prices, right in your account...

You can also start writing your owns NEWS ARTICLES for people to comment on.

Who's involved behind the scenes at NameBid?

The Australian ".com.au" ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) is the only internet address extension that Australians trust (to the right of the dot) in a URL, web address or . . . as most people like to call it . . . a domain name.

If you are a start-up looking to secure the best .com.au domain name for your new business, or a company looking to go to the next level and secure the most premium domain name for your brand, NameBid is your best chance of making your domain name acquisition dreams come true.

We exclusively represent dozens of portfolios of THE BEST 30,000 Australian Domain names you can possibly imagine owning including Christmas.com.au(,) Lawyers.com.au(,) Removalists.com.au(,) Billboard.com.au(,) AB.com.au(,) Oh.com.au(,) AirportCarHire.com.au(,) Tuxedo.com.au(,) SydneyAccommodation.com.au(,) MelbourneHotels.com.au(,) Shield.com.au(,) Stone.com.au(,) Kickstarter.com.au . . . you get the picture . . .

Our domain brokers (DBR.com.au) have been involved in selling the most sought-after domain names in Australia, including Fetch.com.au (sold for $132,000 in 2017) and Sumo.com.au (sold for $63,500 in 2017) since 2012 and have had domain name evaluation opinions printed in popular media publications including the Australian Financial Review.

If you are looking to buy a name, or sell a name, there has never been a platform anywhere in the world for Australian Domain Names like NameBid.

My name is Robert Kaay and I run NameBid (as well as DBR.com.au and Registry.com.au) with a silent partner, at this stage. More information will be released about this next year.