See all "Registered" domain names every day!
By: Robert Kaay

See all "Registered" domain names every day!


NameBid is proud to announce Australia's first ever daily look at EVERY domain name that is registered from the daily drop list.

The Australian domain name market is ALIVE and WELL!! As is proven by the number of names being picked up each day from the drop list.

For example, we know that today (23rd January) there were exactly 28 domain names registered.

How do we know this?


Click DOMAINS on our top menu bar.

Then click AU DROPLIST.

Then "switch" the REGISTERED button to on.

Then hit GO on the blank "keywords" tab...


And at exactly 20 minutes past the drop list completion time every day, you can view every domain name that was registered on that day. Be in purchased on the drop platforms, or hand-registered during the first 20 minutes after the drop completion time.

A few days ago, by changing the date, you will see their were 100 domains registered from the drop list.

We will be adding new features to this amazing new insight into the daily droplist registrations, so for now, go and have a test for yourself and feel free to let us know your opinions.

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Published: Tue, 23rd Jan 2018 14:44
Author: Robert Kaay


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