I feel mislead about PRP agenda
By: Robert Kaay

I feel mislead about PRP agenda


My phone doesn't stop ringing at the moment from domain name owners noticably upset and terrified as to what is soon to become of the current PRP's discussion points.

If the prefered discussion points the PRP have been actively promoting across Australia over the past few weeks come to fruition, I honestly believe this will be the death of the current premium value and TRUST of Australian domain names.

Let's not forget here, last year, Australia had 3 of the Top 10 biggest ccTLD sales, internationally. In fact, we had the second-highest selling ccTLD for 2017. This means we beat .co.uk(,) .uk(,) .de (Germany), .br (Brazil), .co.nz and .nz(,) .cn (China)... Check here for proof (bottom half of document).

So, as you can see from that link, Australian domain names are valued above and beyond almost all other ccTLDs across the world. Our domain names are seen as powerful, premium, valuable and trustworthy.

And here you have this current commitee of Policy Review Panel members, putting out their discussion points (read what they intend here) that, if fully implemented, has the potential to absolutely destroy the 28-year value Australian businesses have invested in the .COM.AU BRAND.

And if that happens, we won't be able to turn back the clock!

And it's because of the discussions points that are currently being lobbied by the current PRP that makes me feel like I've been mislead. Makes me feel like the whole thing has been set up as a trap.

To trap all Australian business domain name holders into believing Direct .AU Registration is going to be a good thing. When, if you truly think about it, it clearly isn't. 

EVERYONE I talk to about this, can't believe what is being discussed by the PRP. But don't take my word for it. Please share this article and tweet and phone your business colleagues about this subject. Get their opinions on it. If they don't know what's going on, please lead them here, so they can check out the various links and get up to speed, before it's too late.

And, when is too late?

You will see on Page 8 of auDA's PRP Issues Paper that every Australian domain name holder has until 4th March 2018 to have their say.

That's not far from now!

I feel mislead. And like I've walked into a trap.

I feel this way, because it was assumed by everyone who knew the PRP were preparing discussion points about implementing Direct .AU Registration, that there would be NO NEED for a CUT-OFF DATE (the date people are no longer eligible to claim their direct .AU) because the existing .COM.AU holders would simply be given their matching .AU domain name FOR FREE.

This was talked about by everyone in the industry, by small to medium business owners, and also publicly stated by auDA themselves! (I will get into this in my next article, tomorrow.)

Every Australian business owner was believed THERE WAS NO NEED TO WORRY about Direct .AU Registrations coming into being.


So, as for me-personally...

Over the last two years, I have been vocal that I am (was!) PRO-DIRECT .AU REGISTRATIONS.

It was assumed, as I mentioned above, that there was nothing to worry about. So, that would be fine. All Australian domain names and email addresses would simply be shortened. Existing domain name owners could tell people they no longer had to use the ".COM" in their domain name or email address from now on.

It was and still is the logical way forward.

In the same way that no one types the "WWW" acronym before a web address anymore, when they type the domain name straight into the navigation bar at the top of their web browser.

Think about that.

There's no need to type "www" anymore.

In the same way we all thought there would soon be no need to type the ".com" into our Australian web addresses or emails anymore. With the implementation of Direct .AU(.)

Instead of www.realestate.com.au - with the WWW and the .COM in their Australian online presence, we were FINALLY set to streamline their domain to the simple and aesthetically pleasing: realestate.au




But, not if the current PRP have their latest version of discussion points taken seriously.

I have no choice but to now publicly come out and say, I no longer have any faith that Direct .AU Registrations are going to be a good idea. In fact, I feel that implementing Direct .AU Registrations are now going to do nothing but damage the reputation, value and trust of our Australian domain name ccTLD. auDA need to reverse their decision, about bringing Direct .AU Registrations into existence. It's clear this just isn't going to work. 

If you agree with this statement, this is how you do something about it.

1) Please share this article so one day 2.1 million Australian business owners don't just suddenly hop out of bed  and say, "What the hell just happened?!"

2) Please copy and paste the above paragraph into an email, along with your own opinion to: policy.review@auda.org.au by Sunday 4th March 2018.

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Published: Mon, 19th Feb 2018 14:09
Author: Robert Kaay


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