Does auDA publicly contradict the purpose of PRP?
By: Robert Kaay

Does auDA publicly contradict the purpose of PRP?


In auDA's own PRP Issues paper, released a few weeks ago, on Page 14, in regards to implementing Direct .AU Registrations, they say:

The Panel agrees with the 2015 Names Policy Panel Final Report that any change to the "system should generate new value" and not simply replicate "existing functionality." 

Yet, I propose this is a new viewpoint only very recently being publicly promoted by auDA, as at February 2018. And they only seem to be publicly stating this opinion now that the PRP disucssion points on how they believe Direct .AU should be implemented are being made available.

Four months ago (October 2017), at this location, auDA publicly stated:

As this is potentially the most substantial policy change to the .au domain space in over 30 years, auDA has convened a Policy Review Panel to examine the options and issues for the introduction of Direct Registration. The Panel has just published an Issues Paper and invites written submissions on the issues and options presented in the paper.

But then, the very next day, (still in October 2017) auDA publicly stated:

As mentioned in the Issues Paper, the Policy Review Panel will not be revisiting the merits of Direct Registration, but is interested in developing a transparent process for giving EXISTING REGISTRANTS PRIORITY to register the matching .au domain name.

The keywords here being, that auDA publicly promoted in October 2017, that the PRP will be "interested in developing a transparent process for giving EXISTING REGISTRANTS PRIORITY to register the matching .au domain name".

This is the exact line of thought that many people were believing was going to happen, when Direct .AU Registrations were VOTED IN to begin with.

From statements like this, we were all lead to believe that the existing .COM.AU holders (with nearly 90% of those 3.1 million Australian domain names being owned by .COM.AU holders) would be given first rights to their .AU matching domain name. There was NO MENTION that there was going to be any sort of CUT-OFF DATE (in terms of when you were no longer eligible to own the matching Direct .AU of your .COM.AU if you registered a domain name).

And this is why I was PRO Direct .AU Registrations.

But I'm not anymore.

I feel like I've been mislead. And the feedback I'm getting is, so does everyone else!

Now to have the PRP promote their discussion points as DIRECTLY AGAINST what the auDA were promoting, and create a fictional CUT-OFF DATE of April 2016, out of thin air, this is causing most people to now say that the Direct .AU Registrations implementation process is BROKEN, and it now needs to be taken off the tracks and abandoned altogether.

I copped a lot of flack from colleagues and business domain name holders at the time, for thinking Direct .AU Registrations were going to be implemented the right way and strengthen and shorten our domain name space.

I told colleagues and domain name clients that I didn't believe we had anything to worry about; "shorter will just be a shorter option to our existing domains, and auDA are publicly stating they are interested in giving EXISTING REGISTRANTS PRIORITY."

As mentioned in my last article, I no longer have faith in Direct .AU Registrations and I believe the decision to implement them should now be reversed by auDA in the interest of protecting the value and trust of the entire Australian domain name space for over 2.1 million Australian businesses for over 28 years.

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Published: Sun, 18th Feb 2018 17:40
Author: Robert Kaay


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