auDA Constitutional Review Process Begins
By: Robert Kaay

auDA Constitutional Review Process Begins


auDA's (Australian Domain Administration's) constitution has not been changed for over 17 years.

auDA is the governing body of Australian domain names ( - - -

The Committee has been established to review and make recommendations on potential reforms to ensure the Constitution reflects auDA's purpose and values.

The Committee comprises:

    • Scott Long as Chair (Demand)
    • James Deck (Supply)
    • Luke Grogan (Demand)
    • Robert Kaay (Supply)
    • Belinda Wadeson (Demand)
    • Luke Summers (Demand)
    • Rod Keys (Supply)
    • Sean Fogarty (Demand)

The Committee will:

    • Consider and review auDA's Constitution and make recommendations to improve and reform, incorporating detailed consideration of the Objects of auDA and the values of the organisation;
    • Evaluate the Constitution to ensure it complies with relevant legislation including the Corporations Act 2001 and other appropriate legislation;
    • Be informed by the recommendations of the Cameron Ralph Khoury review and auDA's strategic priorities, and incorporate such recommendations into any proposed reforms
    • Assess auDA's Constitution against ICANN's expectations of ccTLDs and ensure that the Constitution is compatible with current and proposed sponsorship arrangements, and;
    • Prepare a draft member Code of Conduct through a process of enquiry and stakeholder feedback.

 The Committee will consult with the broader membership and relevant stakeholders. Secretariat and administrative support provided by auDA, and the Committee is expected to report by the end of February, 2018.

Interim Chair Erhan Karabardak thanked members who responded to the call for expressions of interest to join the Committee, which is due to report in February 2018.

"This Committee is charged with reviewing auDA's Constitution and making recommendations for improvements or reforms to reflect the objects and values of the organisation," Mr Karabardak said.

"Importantly, the Committee is expected to work closely with all stakeholders, inviting input from government, registrants, registrars, and members.

"The terms of reference include developing and seeking member feedback on a draft Code of Conduct for members, which fulfils a commitment from the Special General Meeting earlier this year." 

In addition, the Committee will evaluate the Constitution to ensure it continues to comply with relevant legislation and ICANN's expectations of ccTLDs.

The Committee will also work on the implementation of the recommendations of the Cameron Ralph Khoury review into governance models. 

"In a rapidly changing digital environment it is important that we have the right fundamental principles in place to govern auDA.  I encourage all members to engage with the work of the Committee, and look forward to seeing their recommendations."

The committee will meet for the first time on 15 November.

Published: Mon, 13th Nov 2017 21:48
Author: Robert Kaay


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