auDA New Directors and Chair
By: Robert Kaay

auDA New Directors and Chair

I'm sure all members are looking forward to meeting Suzanne Ewart as new Independent Director and Chris Leptos as Independent Director and Chair next week.

Mr Leptos has said:

"auDA is a crucial part of Australia's infrastructure. I look forward to leading a Board that is consultative and focused on its responsibilities to its members and the wider community."

Both Directors' credentials look incredibly strong and I look forward to watching their guidance help auDA align with members as we all walk toward a bright and positive Australian Domain Name future.

3-auda-lg.jpgI think we can all agree, auDA Directors and auDA Members alike, that we are all part of an extremely important point in the future of the Australian domain name industry. Particularly in terms of how the next decade is going to play out. This is most certainly why we each feel so passionately about our own specific viewpoints on where we're heading at this moment in time.

I have faith that the recent various panels and committees that have been established will guide us on the right path and filter out what is important, as opposed to what is not, and I look forward to seeing the final results from those processes.

Welcome again to Ms Ewart and Mr Leptos, and may the best candidates be voted onto the board next week.

You may want to read the FULL ARTICLE written by auDA about Ms Ewart and Mr Leptos's credentials.

Published: Mon, 20th Nov 2017 21:48
Author: Robert Kaay


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